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Investor visa (Tier 1) immigration investment portfolio programme

The Investor visa (Tier 1) programme allows individuals to obtain indefinite leave to remain in the UK by investing into the UK via FCA authorised companies.

What is the Investor Visa (Tier 1) Programme?

This is one of the routes in which the United Kingdom offers foreigners the opportunity to apply for, and the opportunity to attain, indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom, which can lead to British citizenship. This programme is for those who can make substantial financial investments into the UK, with the minimum qualifying investment quantum of £2,000,000. In general, when the visa is granted, the current rules require applicants to make the investments via an FCA approved investment company within a stipulated time frame, into qualifying securities, for a set number of years.

What service do we offer?

At Walker Crips, we have been providing Investor visa (Tier 1) portfolio management services since 2012. Our team of specialist investment managers will discuss with you your main objective, which is obviously to attain your indefinite leave to remain, your other objectives and your risk appetite. We will then agree with you your portfolio composition and then invest accordingly.

Clients can have their portfolios administered in a Discretionary or an Advisory Managed basis, depending on how involved you wish to be in the management of your Tier 1 portfolio.

Our highly experienced team will monitor your portfolio until the day you are eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain, at which time we will provide the required evidence to support your application. Thereafter, Tier 1 clients can seamlessly switch their account into a regular investment account, and our team will be very pleased to continue to manage your portfolio, in accordance with your revised objectives and risk appetite.

Our team is led by Ms Miranda Hui, Head of Asia Coverage, and the investment professionals are Mark Entwistle, Billy Newton, Steven Moss and Andrew Powell, Investment Directors.

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