Investment Management

A wide range of services where you can choose your level of involvement in managing your investments. You can take all the investment decisions yourself and simply give us your instructions, you can access our expert advice for your portfolio or entrust the decisions to your dedicated investment managers.

As an independent investment manager, not tied to any funds, products or large institutions, we offer you transparency and flexibility to ensure that your objectives are met efficiently and successfully.

Our services

We can help you develop a plan to protect, nurture and manage your wealth via a range of services

Find out more about how our financial expertise can support you in various areas of your life.

Cashflow planning

Are you worried about the sustainability of your financial arrangements? Perhaps you are concerned about the impact of withdrawals on your capital or the effect of inflation? We use market-leading analysis tools that can take these factors into account to guide and inform you on your financial planning, showing you how much money you could have in the future and whether you're on track to achieve your financial goals.

Pensions & retirement planning

Looking for advice on saving into a pension and planning for your retirement? It is never too early to start planning. We will look to understand your retirement objectives and use your desired retirement lifestyle and ambitions as a base to advise you on how to best plan and save before you retire, and how to access those benefits when you finally do retire.


If you are seeking greater control over your pension investments or have specific requirements linked to your business, we can review your circumstances and objectives to assess whether utilising a SIPP or SSAS arrangement may help to meet this. SIPP or SSAS arrangements may allow you to make a loan to your business from the pension scheme, or perhaps purchase your business premises or other commercial property should this be of interest.


Would you like to see your money work harder for you? Or even use it to generate a sustainable income? We conduct in-depth research on the investment options available to you. We gain an understanding of your investment experience and appetite for investment risk and tailor our solutions to recommend the most suitable investment options. We will also consider the most appropriate tax wrappers and suggest a diversified asset allocation that meets your investment objectives.

Tax planning

We can advise you on structuring your finances tax efficiently. Taxation can be difficult to understand. There may be a number of tax allowances and reliefs available to you of which you are not currently taking advantage. The more tax you pay, the harder your investments must work to achieve the same returns. We can help you identify how to use these allowances and reliefs effectively and advise you on which you should use.

Inheritance tax & estate planning

We will help you structure your financial affairs to ensure your money can be passed on to your loved ones efficiently, both during your lifetime and when you pass away; making sure your money ends up with the people you want for the reasons you choose. We will work with you, in conjunction with your solicitor and accountant (if applicable) to provide you with a tailored solution that achieves your objectives.


Many families would struggle to make ends meet if a family member developed a serious illness or passed away. This is why it is so important to take advice to ensure you have the right level of financial protection and insurance in place. The main reasons for setting up financial protection are to:
  • Maintain your lifestyle and make any debt repayments if you became unable to work due to an accident or illness;
  • Provide for your family if you passed away or developed a serious illness;
  • Cover a future inheritance tax bill.

Business protection

Have you considered the financial impact of the loss of a key person to your business? Or perhaps you are concerned about what happens to your share of the business should anything happen to you or another director? We can recommend suitable protection plans for these situations that will give you peace of mind. If you are a company director, you may wish to consider Relevant Life cover as a more tax-efficient alternative to conventional life cover.
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