Investment Management

A wide range of services where you can choose your level of involvement in managing your investments. You can take all the investment decisions yourself and simply give us your instructions, you can access our expert advice for your portfolio or entrust the decisions to your dedicated investment managers.

As an independent investment manager, not tied to any funds, products or large institutions, we offer you transparency and flexibility to ensure that your objectives are met efficiently and successfully.

Working with you

Providing support and advice on the matters that are important to you

Financial peace of mind for you and your family allows you the freedom to spend time focusing on what really matters. The process our financial planners undertake enables us to provide you with carefully considered advice you can rely on.

Step 1:
Initial consultation
The initial consultation is the first stage of the process where we find out about you, your current situation and your future aspirations. We will ask questions about your income, regular expenses, debts, assets, and investment preferences, among other things. We’ll discuss a range of appropriate services, products and costs to plan your financial planning roadmap. Our initial consultation meeting free of charge.
Step 2:
At this stage, we will review the financial information you have provided, analyse your situation and identify potential opportunities and risks. We may use various tools and techniques to perform this analysis. We will then develop a personalised financial plan for you, outlining specific goals, strategies and recommendations.
Step 3:
We will present you with the financial plan we have devised and discuss the proposed strategies and recommendations. We will outline the risks and benefits of each strategy, as well as the costs and fees associated with them. At this stage, you will be able to ask questions, provide feedback and request changes or modifications to the plan.
Step 4:
We will work with you to execute the strategies and recommendations outlined in the financial plan. We’ll guide you through the process and help you with any paperwork required.
Step 5:
Ongoing review
We will review the progress of your plan with you and assess whether any adjustments or modifications are necessary. Reviews can be scheduled periodically, such as quarterly or annually, depending on your needs and preferences. The review may also include a discussion of any changes to your financial situation or financial objectives.
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