Investment Management

A wide range of services where you can choose your level of involvement in managing your investments. You can make all the investment decisions yourself and simply give us your instructions, you can access our expert advice for your portfolio or entrust the decisions to your dedicated investment managers.

As an independent investment manager, not tied to any funds, products or large institutions, we offer you transparency and flexibility to ensure that your objectives are met efficiently and successfully.

Supporting our community

Positively impacting society

Our commitment to community

Our ethos of not just getting it right, but also doing the right thing, means that as a business we not only strive to be successful for our stakeholders, namely our clients, shareholders and staff, but we also want to do our part and give back to our community wherever we can. We believe that any definition of success should include a commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us and leaving behind a good legacy for future generations.

To this end, we seek to develop strategic partnerships with charitable organisations that engage in causes that we support and endeavour to assist them in multiplying their efforts through the contribution of resources and technology. Many of our employees are also personally involved in charitable organisations and activities, and occasionally organise events at a local level, which we endeavour to support wherever we can.

A message from our CEO

At Walker Crips, we recognise the importance of making a meaningful contribution to our local community through targeted partnerships with charitable organisations, whose causes align with our values as a company. We often choose to support smaller charities because we feel that we can make a significant difference in their work, as they usually find it harder to attract attention and raise funds. It is also important to us to support these causes in more ways than one, which is why, in addition to financial support, we also share our technology in the hope that it can facilitate their work and assist them in broadening their reach.

We urge our clients, business associates and friends to join us in this mission, and support these organisations that work tirelessly to assist people in need. Together, we can make a positive impact on our society.

Sean Lam, CEO and CTO of Walker Crips

Our partner charity

We are pleased to continue supporting Twining Enterprise, a charity whose mission is to help individuals with mental health challenges find and sustain mainstream employment through skills training, practical advice, coaching, community outreach, partnerships with wide-ranging community organisations, and other forms of support. Twining understands that people who struggle with mental health issues face unique work barriers, preventing them from getting into, and staying in work. They believe that with the right support, these barriers can be overcome and people can enjoy a healthy working life.

The partnership with Walkers Crips has enabled Twining to reach more of London’s most disadvantaged people as well as help us develop further routes for ongoing financial sustainability and innovation to ensure we can meet the growing number of people experiencing mental health problems for years to come.

Oliver Jacobs, CEO of Twining Enterprise

Twining’s mission has become even more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been a particularly challenging time for many affected individuals. As the demand for their services has increased significantly, their resources have been overstretched and it has become harder to raise the financial support that they need. Most people are familiar with bigger and more high-profile charities, but smaller organisations like Twining often find it difficult to gain exposure and visibility. Our goal is to assist them in increasing awareness of the important work that they do by providing financial support and also by sharing our technological capabilities. As a company that has been designing and building our own technology for decades, we are proud to use it in service of charities such as Twining, by creating solutions that can multiply their efforts, help them achieve greater efficiency in their day to day operations, and maximise their impact. In 2020 alone, Twining supported over 1,500 individuals, with nearly 70% of them now independently job-searching, in work, further education or training. Since the start of the pandemic, Twining have had to do a lot more given the increased demand for their services; going forward, rising unemployment and concurrent mental health challenges will mean the charity’s work is going to be needed more than ever.

If you can, please join us in supporting them in their mission to end the vicious cycle of mental health and unemployment.