Investment Management

A wide range of services where you can choose your level of involvement in managing your investments. You can make all the investment decisions yourself and simply give us your instructions, you can access our expert advice for your portfolio or entrust the decisions to your dedicated investment managers.

As an independent investment manager, not tied to any funds, products or large institutions, we offer you transparency and flexibility to ensure that your objectives are met efficiently and successfully.

COVID-19 Update

It is business as usual at Walker Crips. Our investment managers, financial planners and our staff have been working from home since 12 March 2020, and our technology enables us to continue providing the highest level of service to our clients during the pandemic. We urge our clients to communicate with us electronically, but we do retain a small skeleton crew on site, observing social distancing rules, to deal with the small volume of post we receive.

Whilst we cannot receive visitors in our offices, our members are still contactable on their regular phone numbers, and we look forward to reopening our physical offices to meet with our clients face-to-face as soon as it is permissible to do so.

A statement from our CEO

“Some of us have lost family and friends to the virus and to you, we send our heartfelt condolences. Above all, it is the human cost that is hardest to bear. In these unprecedented times, we played our part in complying with, and where necessary exceeding, government advice on containing and limiting the spread of the virus by working from home, protecting our staff, having in place good technology, and ensuring that we continue to deliver uninterrupted service to our clients. 

Our investment managers, advisors and staff have displayed tremendous adaptability and tenacity and combined with the quality of our technology, our transition to working from home was close to seamless. We are proud of how everyone at Walker Crips responded to this crisis, how we considered each other, and how we kept our focus on delivering good service to our clients during this most difficult time. We have adapted well to this crisis and to this new normal, and we will come out stronger and better. To our shareholders and our clients, we wish you well, stay safe, and we hope to meet you again soon.”

Sean Lam, Group CEO
31 July 2020

Stay in touch

It is business as usual at Walker Crips.

Telephone and email
Your investment manager is contactable via their regular telephone number and email address. Please feel free to make contact. Your investment manager will be pleased to hear from you.

Client Portal
Our Client Portal provides clients with access to their account to view their account details, transaction records, trade confirmations, quarterly statements and a whole host of other documentation issued by their investment manager and by the company. We also have mobile apps on the iOS and the Android platforms. We are committed to continue to de-paper our business, and we will keep on investing in our technology to provide our investment managers and our staff with the tools that they need to provide good service to our clients.

→ Client Portal login

We strongly recommend that our clients communicate with us via the telephone or by email. Postal correspondence is still being processed by our skeleton crew in the office, but physical letters could be delayed or lost in transit. The quickest and most efficient delivery mechanism is the Client Portal, and we encourage our clients to use the Client Portal to view their account details and to receive company documentation.

Questions or concerns

Please feel free to contact us on on 020 3100 8000 or email us at [email protected].

For more contact details, please visit our contact us page.

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