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Walker Crips Alpha: r2 service on the advised Aviva Platform

Walker Crips Investment Management announces that its recent addition to its Managed Portfolio Services (MPS) for UK financial advisers, Alpha: r2, will be available exclusively on the advised Aviva Platform.

Alpha: r2 is a range of five model portfolios which are closely aligned to the industry-standard WMA benchmarks, allowing them to fit seamlessly into advisers’ client profiling. These include a portfolio referenced to the WMA Income benchmark presently yielding 3.5% and a Higher Income variant with a target of maintaining the current yield of 4.2%.

Since launch in September, the Income and Higher Income portfolios have outperformed the WMA Income benchmark, returning alpha of 0.4% and 0.2% respectively (net of fees).

As well as general investment accounts, Alpha: r² is available in a range of tax-efficient forms, such as ISAs, offshore bonds and SIPPs.

Risk management and analysis is the core feature of the new Alpha: r2 suite. Portfolio managers Gary Waite and Andrew Morgan approach risk in three key ways:

• Understanding drivers of past performance to shape future returns

• Ensuring Value at Risk is deliberate and diversified

• Stress-testing portfolios to uncover hidden risks

Gary Waite, portfolio manager of Walker Crips Investment Management, says: “We are pleased to confirm that the new service will be available direct or via the Aviva Platform. The extensive range of funds available on the platform means we are able to fully replicate the portfolios we manage irrespective of the distribution channel; there is complete commonality of holdings between the collectives-only MPS available directly through Walker Crips and the corresponding advised Aviva Platform version.”

“Advisers rarely get calls when a client’s portfolio is doing well; they are normally reserved for when markets turn sour. Alpha: r2 has a tightly controlled risk framework that aims to offer confidence and reassurance when advisers and their clients need them most.”

By working with Aviva, we hope to reach intermediaries across the advice spectrum to offer a comprehensive investment solution - with the flexibility of direct or platform access.”

Julie Green, Aviva’s Head of Investment Propositions, adds: “These five portfolios are well-priced and offer an excellent solution for advisers and clients alike. They are a welcome addition to our range, and we are delighted to be able to work with Walker Crips in offering their model portfolios exclusively on our adviser platform.”

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