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Walker Crips launches managed portfolio service for financial advisers

Walker Crips Investment Management, today launched Alpha: r2, a managed portfolio service dedicated to UK financial advisers and their clients.

The new range of portfolios will be closely aligned to the industry-standard WMA benchmarks, allowing them to fit seamlessly into advisers’ client profiling.

Walker Crips’ new offering is designed to provide high quality relative outperformance, for a given level of risk. The model portfolios cover five risk/return profiles and are available in collectives-only, or in direct equities and bonds, and collectives’ variants.

Having invested in advanced portfolio analytics, the strategy of Alpha: r2 is crafted with risk management at its core. Drawing on their backgrounds in institutional fund management, the portfolio managers’ approach to risk encompasses three parts:

•    Understanding drivers of past performance to shape future returns

•    Ensuring Value at Risk is deliberate and diversified

•    Stress-testing portfolios to uncover hidden risks.

In addition to the standard models aligned to the WMA’s five risk categories, Alpha: r2 offers two Higher Income options and an Ethical model and will be managed by Gary Waite and Andrew Morgan.

Gary Waite, portfolio manager of Walker Crips Investment Management, says; “The launch of our model portfolio service empowers financial advisers to provide an efficient discretionary fund management service to a wider range of clients. These portfolios help to solve the problems financial advisers are experiencing post RDR. Advisers and their clients want confidence and certainty, not undue risk. With Alpha: r2, advisers will know exactly what to expect in terms of asset allocation, stock selection and performance as each model is closely correlated to its respective benchmark, with active management providing the opportunity for alpha.”

“We take a long term view when investing and our model portfolios will afford smaller clients the opportunity to gain exposure to our proven risk and investment management expertise.”

Commenting on the Ethical model, Waite adds: “There is a growing demand for ethical portfolios which are naturally somewhat insulated from the drivers of volatility seen in the market recently, such as commodities and emerging markets. We operate a pragmatic ‘Best-in-Class’ approach, seeking to invest in companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and the highest standards of corporate governance.”

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