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Credit Ratings

Assessing the creditworthiness of relevant financial institutions

Credit ratings can be used to assess the creditworthiness of an institution, for example, a bank. Credit ratings are assigned by independent organisations known as credit rating agencies. The three leading rating agencies are Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings.

Credit rating agencies issue both short-term and long-term credit ratings and use their own scales to determine an institutions creditworthiness. These ratings can provide investors with an indication of an institution’s financial strength and ability to meet its commitments. For example, in the case of structured investments, the bank’s ability to repay the capital and any returns due to investors.

Credit ratings are the opinion of the credit rating agency and are not a guarantee of credit quality. Please see the following websites for information on each agency’s scales and how their opinions are reflected in each rating.

The credit rating of an institution is regularly reviewed by the credit rating agencies. It is therefore possible that the rating quoted in the brochure for a structured investment plan may have changed since publication. You can use this webpage to monitor credit ratings during the investment term of your plan. Please see below the current credit ratings of the banks which back Walker Crips Structured Investment plans.

Ratings are accurate as at 01 August 2022

Financial Institution Standard & Poor's Moody's Fitch
Rating Outlook Rating Outlook Rating Outlook
Aviva PLC A Stable A2 Stable A Stable
Banco Santander SA A+ Stable A2 Stable A Stable
Barclays Bank PLC A POS A1 Stable A+ Stable
Barclays PLC BBB POS Baa2 POS A Stable
BNP Paribas A+ Stable Aa3 Stable AA- Stable
Citigroup Global Markets Ltd A+ Stable A1 Stable A+ Stable
Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank A+ Stable Aa3 Stable A+ Stable
Credit Suisse AG BBB Stable Baa1 Negative BBB+ Stable
Goldman Sachs International A+ Stable A1 Stable A+ Stable
HSBC Bank PLC A+ Stable A1 Stable AA- Negative
HSBC Holdings PLC A- Stable A3 Stable A+ Negative
Investec Bank PLC - Not Rated A1 Stable BBB+ Stable
Lloyds Bank PLC A+ Stable A1 Stable A+ Stable
Lloyds Banking Group PLC BBB+ Stable A3 Stable A Stable
Morgan Stanley A- Stable A1 Stable A POS
Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC A+ Stable Aa3 Stable N/A N/A
Natixis A Stable A1 Stable A+ Negative
NatWest Markets PLC
(formerly The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC)
A- Stable A2 POS A+ Stable
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC BBB Stable Baa1 POS A Stable
The UK Government AA Stable Aa3 Stable AA- Stable
Santander UK PLC A Stable A1 Stable A+ Stable
Societe Generale SA A Stable A1 Stable A Stable