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Walker Crips Investment Management launches Gilt Portfolio Service

Walker Crips Investment Management launches Gilt Portfolio Service

13 November 2023

Walker Crips Investment Management has announced the launch of its new Gilt Portfolio Service ("GPS"). This managed portfolio service has been designed to cater to the needs of higher or additional rate taxpayers, aiming to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the significant interest rate rises initiated by the Bank of England. The service also offers companies the opportunity to achieve higher returns than are currently offered by high street corporate savings accounts.

Gilts are government-issued fixed interest bonds renowned for their low-risk profile, which play a pivotal role in financing public spending. Recent shifts in the global economic landscape have created a notably altered investment climate. These developments have presented both challenges and attractive opportunities for portfolio returns, Walker Crips believes, necessitating an agile approach to investment strategies.

Launching its GPS, in this context, offers Walker Crips clients a well-defined risk and return profile from the outset, providing valuable clarity to investors who have grappled with heightened market uncertainties.

The Walker Crips GPS exclusively focuses on short-dated gilts, many of which are currently trading below their par value. For individual investors, any profit realised upon redemption is exempt from both capital gains and income tax, with taxation solely applicable to the coupon amount. Corporation tax would be payable by companies at the point of redemption.

Wesley Coultas, Head of Investment Management at Walker Crips, emphasises the significance of this launch:
“The introduction of the Walker Crips GPS offers investors an opportunity to leverage the evolving economic landscape and benefit from the attractive risk-adjusted returns currently offered by gilts. This opportunity has the potential to enhance investor performance in the coming years by introducing a low-risk investment avenue with attractive returns into portfolios. The GPS launch underscores our commitment of providing tailored, attractive investment opportunities to help our clients navigate the complexities surrounding investment markets."

The Walker Crips Gilt Portfolio Service is available to investors seeking to allocate a minimum of £100,000. If you would like to receive further information or to express an interest in this service, please contact our team of dedicated advisors on 020 3100 8100 or email [email protected].

The Walker Crips Gilt Porfolio Service brochure can be downloaded here.

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References to tax implications and legislation are correct as at November 2023 but are subject to change and will be dependent on your personal circumstances.


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